International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) 2021-06-15T02:43:28-07:00 Ahmad Zayyadi Open Journal Systems <p><strong>International Journal of Social Science and Religion (IJSSR) [P : <a href="">2723-5920</a>, E : <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2746-086X</a> ] </strong>is <strong>open access</strong> academic journal focused on publishing scholarly work that promotes and fosters knowledge in the field social science and religion. All submissions undergo peer review, and the article in <strong>English or Arabic</strong>. The Journal is constituted by an Editorial Board and managed by a Journal Editor. Contact us</p> Analysis Of Pioneering Raskin Innovation For The Pattern Of Labor-Intensive Food in North Central Timor District 2021-06-04T04:18:59-07:00 Ane Rupaiedah Kismartini Kismartini Ida Hayu Dwimawanti <p>This research is intended to analyze the Pioneering of the Raskin Innovation for Food Labor Intensive Patterns in North Central Timor District. The problem in this research is how the stages of pioneering Raskin innovation for food labor in the North Central Timor district. To answer this problem, various theories are relevant to the research phenomenon. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with data analysis techniques Milles and Huberman. The results of the Raskin Innovation Research on Food Labor Intensive Patterns in North Central Timor Regency, namely: 1.In the Raskin Innovation Initiation phase, PKP was formulated by identifying agricultural problems in TTU Regency so that the Innovation concept was indeed appropriate to answer the problem, then the PKP Raskin innovation adjusted to several criteria, namely new concepts, finance, technical capabilities, and public support. However, in adjustment there are problems that need to be reviewed and improved in the PKP Raskin innovation guidelines.</p> 2021-06-15T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Ane Rupaiedah, Kismartini Kismartini, Ida Hayu Dwimawanti The Effect of Service Quality on Worth of Mouth Positive Intervening by Student Satisfaction and Attitude, Moderation of Student Characteristics on the Effect of Service Quality on Student Satisfaction 2021-06-07T07:47:59-07:00 Moch. Saifudin <p>This research&nbsp; purpose to analyze affected: 1) service quality to student satisfaction, 2) service quality to student atittudes, 3) moderation of student characteristic at affected service service to student satisfaction, 4) service quality to positive Word of Mouth, 5) student satisfaction to positive Word of Mouth, dan 6) student atittudes to positive Word of Mouth, 7) The mediation of satisfaction and students atittudes on affected of quality service to positive Word of Mouth. The using data was primary data which had by questioner brought to 150 higher students of Economic and Business Islamic Faculty of State Institute for Islamic Studies Purwokerto as respondence. Then, data analized by Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The result of research shown that: 1) Service quality had positive affected to student satisfaction, 2) Service quality had positive affected to student atittudes, 3) Student characteristic not moderated in affected service quality to student satisfaction, 4) Service quality had positive affected to positive Word of Mouth, 5) Student satisfaction had positive affected to positive Word of Mouth, and 6) Student atittudes had positive affected to positive Word of Mouth, 7) Satisfaction and students atittudes mediating of quality service affect to positive Word of Mouth.</p> 2021-06-15T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Moch. Saifudin Rethinking the Quality Culture of Indonesian Madrasa in the Global Era 2021-06-07T07:50:07-07:00 Ulyan Guntur Dwi Purwanto Guntur Dwi Purwanto Abdul Basit Abdul Basit <p>Madrasa have a big role in building the Indonesian nation. The challenges of education in the era of globalization are getting bigger. However, many madrasa do not have the quality according to the standard. Therefore it is necessary to rethink the quality culture of madrasa in the global era. This type of research is qualitative research and includes field research. Data analysis using Miles and Huberman analysis techniques that include data reduction, display data, and conclusion drawing/verification. The results of research conducted by the author on the implementation of quality culture madrasa in MTs Ma'arif NU 4 Kemranjen can be concluded that wujud from the quality culture madrasa (religious culture)&nbsp; in MTs Ma'arif NU 4 Kemranjen as a form of development of pai subject family in accordance with the theory that includes; (1) mushofahah (2) memorization&nbsp; juz 'amma&nbsp; (3) istighasah and prayer together (4) dhuha prayer (5) friday box running (6) congregational dhuhur prayer (7) religious message. While what is not contained in the theory is (1) PHBI (2)&nbsp; reading asmaul husna (3) the use of polite uniforms and covering the aurat (4) pesantren kilat (5) reading yasin and tahlil (6) extra-curricular religious (7) religious tests (8) halal bihalal. The implementation uses a persuasive strategy that emphasizes&nbsp; on accuracy and habituation.</p> 2021-06-15T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Ulyan, Guntur Dwi Purwanto, Abdul Basit